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This is one of the issues student faced. It is difficult for them to have a good project topic approved by their supervisor because they do not know how to write a project topic for approval.

Supervisor nowadays do not welcome a written letters for project topics approval by their student. They do not have that time to read all letters. You may be a victim and saw that your topic was not approved when you wrote a letter of approval to your supervisor. There may be some supervisors that welcome that but do not argue.

1.     Get a full scarp paper and a file.

2.     Your name, department, registration number, level must be written on top of the paper. Do the same to the file.

3.     If you do know how to write a project topic. Go online visit Check your department and see the list of topics, then that will guide you to write a project topic. LIST the project topic in the full scarp paper. By standard it is three (3) project topics the  supervisor needs and one of it will be approved but if the supervisor request up to five (5) project topics then do so.

4.     Put the full scarp inside the file and submit it your supervisor for approval.

Ensure that you do not have the same project topics with your colleagues and theirs are not the same with yours. Write the project topics you know when one of them is approved; it will be easy for you to carry out your academic work.

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